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Bahamian watercolour wildlife artist

Born in Nassau Bahamas, Nickole started creating 'art' very young. She would draw things ever so lil', cut them out and use them as toys, paper toys. No limits!

As she got older, her grandmother supported and celebrated her talents, even taking her to buy art supplies often. In The Bahamas, such things were expensive, so this gave lil' Nickole anxiety but excitement. She witnessed how calm and stress free her grandmother looked as she waited patiently to purchase whatever that young new artist wished. No worries!

Nickole made sure to find things that would last. Hence watercolour being her preferred medium.

As time went on, and with a doting grandmother, she made simple paintings for friends and family.

Present day and her passion has turned into painting daily. Teaching art classes to those same young kids with incredible support systems.

Creating a wee lil' studio in its' process: Self-taught artist who is driven for caring and supporting all things that make us human, 'yet free from the norm'. No limits, no worries. Celebrating history, folklore, the environment and telling earths story. From the trees to the people and animals they provide for. 

Featuring recycled frames, original artwork and a tinge of witticism.

''A studio free from the norm.''

"Less human, more being"

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