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Behind the Studio
Somewhere in the Forst

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About she

My name is Nickole Skye Cartwright and I am the artist behind the studio.

I was a little girl on the island of Nassau, Bahamas, drawing my 'toys' to cut out and play with. As I got older, I started making paintings for friends and family, especially for my grandparents. In fact, my grandmother pushed me so much when it comes to my art, that all of her support and love really inspires me each day. We would argue about her buying me art supplies because they were so expensive. But she would drag me to the stores, look so peaceful as she waited for me, as I shuffled through the aisles, scared of all the prices. I was/am grateful for it all, as she saw the beauty in everything from birds to the tropical storms.

I am now an art teacher and freelance artist dabbling in so many creative processes.
Grandma (I hope) would be proud.

I mostly purchase frames second-hand or they are free, as throwaways from framing shops. I try to repurpose everything when it comes to the studio. Even the paper I use, I try find as much as possible used or second-hand. Used sketchbooks and watercolour booklets that have been torn apart one or two pages. Of course I will take over those gems before buying new. I have been very surprised to find so much available!

I enjoy watercolours the most and most recently picked up gouache. Acrylic and sketching are always added to the mix for fun.

I feel extremely uncomfortable if I limit myself to one style of drawing or painting. I range from very detailed work to very childlike and whimsical. It is honestly unbearable for me to have the mindset that, to be a true artist, I need to have art that is repetitive.

The the iconic workings of Gogh for example, and just very distinctive artworks. In older times, this was truly stunning and revolutionary. But today, the world has changed so much and we are products of that. 

No one will be studying my techniques in art schools around the world, so why the pressure of uniform? 


 In my art classes I guide them, I show them the proper ways, then my ways, but a big premise of mine is just have fun, explore your art and do your own thing. The ancient techniques builds us foundations and understanding, like soil.. but we also must grow from it. Not stuck as the same stagnant root.

And this is my Lil' Forest Studio, free from the norms.

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