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A wildebeest type of morning

It is 7.50am on a Saturday, I put the movie Madeline on for my 4 year old and popped out of bed for coffee and to get a drawing out of my head.

What was the first thing I thought of? Wildebeest. No I didn't dream about them.. honestly haven't a clue but I love acting on my random thoughts and ideas.

It isn't done but I'm sure excited to paint it. My speciality and what I love the most (thank the heavens) is wildlife.

I am a naturalist and I have studied and continue to study wildlife conservation whenever I have the opportunity or the time.

Yes, I understand that there are wildlife excursions out there, helping the average folk understand the worlds of animals better... by spending lots of money.. sure :p

But honestly, a tip from an artist in the study for years, drawing wildlife seems to be the best way to study and understand them.

From the detailing of their skin, coat, which direction their ears are turned, their teeth, their nose... every single detail. Mind you, I just probably have obsessions for wildlife perfections.

Which is funny as I am not a perfectionist. But you better believe it switches when I pick up that pencil or brush. It's a curse!

On my final year of high school, literally my final few months, I was called in and asked to do to a 'student evaluation'. Not sure if it was specifically called that but I asked around and no one else was doing it along with me. Strange.

It turned out they were doing an ADD test on me and from that little (silly) one-on-one evaluation, I was diagnosed with ADHD and as a kinetic learner.

I do not remember my parents reaction and not much really changed in school.. again it was my last leg anyway. All they really did is put me in a different class at math period. Thank goodness though!

I wanted to point this fact about me because being younger, you don't think about these things playing a bigger role into how you truly are. As a kid, I was label as goth, emo and all that stuff but I was just a little punk listening to everything and anything and sure I was white as snow in The Bahamas wearing Doc Martins but.. hated in the labels. It was the early 2000's for goodness sake.

In this day and age ohhhh labels are soooo important.. ADHD, well everyone has it apparently. However, we cannot be sure just how much of todays people have been truly diagnosed with such things or is it just a cute quirk people are putting on themselves. Always found that weird. I digress, the point is to say of how much the world has changed in the years of me being in high-school.

From being called in and singled out to seem as if I have an genuine problem, to not giving me any alternatives or tips of how to be when it comes to getting things done, having a discussion about what IS kinetic learning exactly. No, I had to google everything a week later after 'results came in'.

Thanks Wiki!

Like I stated before, I wanted to make a blog where I can be more open and personable and connect to people who like and follow my arts and progresses.

Sure learning about art and wildlife would have been nice in a classroom, out on the field doing tasks, as a kinetic learner dang, seems like, as a profession, I hit the nail on the head. But sometimes those things just aren't realistic. Some of those amazing opportunities just aren't given to you. But that doesn't mean you are lesser than. Less tools does not mean lesser equipped.

I have learnt myself and my craft best by just being me, as I get older, of course I look back on some things and it just makes sense.

Do not lose yourself as an individual, do not get blinded by all of the crazy, epic amazing safaris and procreate challenges out there.

Listen to the crazy voice in the morning when you wake up!

Pay attention and care for yourself, your family <3

Oh and keep those hands busy my friend!

Love always,



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