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Handmade Watercolours

My medium of choice is, of course 🎨watercolours🎨! It is such a beautiful, sharp yet subtle medium. I love the soft outcomes it can take as well as the impactful ones. Deep colours and the bleeding yet dried blend into softer hues.

As many had studied gouache and acrylics in their schools, my high school actually did a really wide range of mediums and watercolours were instead of gouache. Actually it is only recently when I learnt that gouache is mostly considered as a student medium. I had no idea because I never had it myself. No, I began with watercolour and continue til this day as my love has deepened for it immensely.

I even have the very same watercolour tin from my high school art class from well over a decade ago!

As the years go by I have been really improving my skills. It is very much as they say,

practise makes perfect.

I did not intentionally practised and studied and try correcting all my downfalls. No. I thoroughly enjoy painting with watercolours. I do almost every single day. And if I am not painting, I am sketching to paint at a later time.

Painting with watercolours brings me peace, my comfort zone and provides a wonderful place for me to escape. Not to mention it has been my saving grace moving to a new country. Keeping me grounded in moments, places and times that change. I can do my ritual of filling a small cup/jar with water and break out my old dry palettes and enter a realm in which I am beyond confident and comfortable in. Home.

I, of course as many other artists, experimented with different arts and mediums. So I do have experience elsewhere, just watercolours is just the perfect fit for me.

Developing myself more into the artist I am today however, I continue on the path I am on where I prefer used items, second-hand books, papers, old paints, old tins or such. In the area I am living in there actual is always something to find, someone throwing aside their failed projects. Trying not to buy so much new or to limit the plastic in my studio.

With Lil' Forest Studio, my habits and my experience, I find more fulfilment, enjoyment in staying close and grounded to nature. My exploration in the art 'scene' has been at my own pace and with my own heart and influences behind it. A heavy influence being my own grandmother. A woman content with just sitting on her porch listening to the birds chirp. The woman who dragged me to the art stores to help buy me new material. The woman who taught me that bad storms can actually be good, maybe not for you or me, but for the earth. Giving it the cleansing it needs from time to time.

So with all these tools and lessons given to me over time, I cannot help but be drawn to natural paints. I actually experimented myself in creating my own 'watercolours'. In The Bahamas, experimenting with flowers, berries, and even some of our red soil we get from the Sahara.

If you're also a lil studio or lil artist interested in a more natural approach to painting especially with your paints, please do continue to check on this blog! Where here I will be featuring the masterwork and artistry of paint-making and the incredible hands behind the craft! These small business deserve the spotlight!

Each title will lead you to a detailed post, feel free to bookmark or keep these shops in your favourites as well. Their contact information and links will always be featured at the end of each post, as well as some promotional codes! Stay tuned and enjoy your journey, as natural as it may be.

Your Lil' Forest Studio 🌱

Playful Pigments - coming soon


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