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Hello Autumn!

With the literal changing winds, autumn is here!

It is one of my favourite seasons! Being new to seasons any way, autumn seems to be one of the sweetest and welcoming. I get excited seeing the mushrooms popping up and the nuts and seeds falling from the trees.

I have been doing my annual collection of acorns but this year I have a new purpose for them! 🌰😍

I have always had a little obsession with acorns. Ever since watching Totoro when I was just a toddler, I was always fascinated with them. Also maybe because I didn't grow up with acorn trees. And with barely any seasonal shifts, obviously we didn't have the yearly fall of 'magic nuts and seeds.'

Acorns mean so much to me, when I first moved here to Norway, I remember my heart pounding when I first saw them! I felt lucky! To this day, I get so excited when seeing them.

My daughter does a fantastic job helping with my squirrel like behaviour :D

She likes to go fast on her bike and she turned around to bike back to me, said nothing and just opened her hand. It was super cute and I was super happy! Thank you!

I left the acorns to sit for too long however (2-3 days) so naturally they became darker instead of their lovely fresh green.

I might do another test batch with green acorns again and work with an overnight liquid.

This was this mornings concoction.

Also red beech seeds! I love these trees!

Soon there will be time to make mini apple pies, Halloween treats and kos with horror movies and more crow paintings. I absolutely love this time of year, even living in The Bahamas.

Please enjoy some other photos of the lovely surroundings here in Stavanger.

I cannot help myself, I love the magic of the forest, the trees, the wind, forest trinkets, mushrooms, leaves. Indulge with me and keep your eyes and hearts open for the magic this lovely earth has to offer.

Enjoy your autumn wherever you may be.


Warmest regards,



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