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The Lil' Lilian May Studio

📍 Glastonbury, England

Lilian May Studio is a sweet little family ran studio creating little palettes, handmade paints and sharing some artwork all by founder Mr. Will Dowden.

He created this stunning clever matchbox palette that we think is perfect when wanting to find a little studio within the forest!

Plastic-free and with the ways of old as their passion, the Lilian May Studio really is pioneering a new way of paint and arts.

That being said, the consistency of these natural paints look really nice and I think I'm mostly excited to try the earth pigments!

We are simply in love with his tiny lil' hand-made and hand folded matchbox palettes. They even have little giftsets!

Sir Dowden also features paint-along videos, I thought was actually a nice surprise. You do not usually see that in some handmade paints/palettes studios. Check out the paint-along on the studios instagram.

In addition, on their website, there are sketches free for download so you can just get straight to painting. How charming!

I actually just recently discovered Lilian May and I'm very happy that I did. From the paint-alongs, to his love for lil' nature critters, to his detailed architecture painting skills, to his surprise sculptures, this lil' studio is so original and pure at heart! Just look at this crazy work! 👇

We are so excited to follow Lilian May and see all of their amazing future creations !

Thank you Will @ Lilian May Studio!

I am lost for words!

Here are some links to help you easily find Will @ his lil' studio


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