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Timone Art

📍 Zaragoza, Spain

Our next featured paint-maker is the great Timone Art. The artist herself is well skilled in an array of mediums such as the classics of watercolour and oils but also flexible with the digital arts and illustrations. Something I personally struggle with. But Timone's artistic style is of many cool and explorative tales. One I will be celebrating and featuring today, is Timone Art's handmade watercolours!

Just look at those popping colours, definitely matching the tins they come in.

Very charming products and would like to point out that Timone Art has unique paint kits and grab bags!

And we of course cannot forget to mention one of her directors (semi senior) looking over productions. We really love their vibes and their atmosphere!

I asked a few questions about Timone herself and would love to share her words with you!

Ello Timone!

Let's chitchat

LFS: What natural material do you like best making into paint? (Rocks, plants etc?)

Timone: My favorite material is rocks. I pay a lot of attention when I travel to the tones of the earth, since in areas of NE Spain the earth is dark, almost black, in my city it is white and limestone or further south it is maroon, reddish. Its contrast with the plants of each area creates beautiful palettes. On the other hand, there are almost no plants on the planet with which to create pigments, indigo, “pastel” and few others. You can get dyes from almost any plant, but not make paint. The processes and applications are very different between dyes and paints.

LFS: What first made you want to create your own paint?

Timone: I began to make paint out of necessity, since I was a child I had painted in oils and had enough material. When I started studying at the Fine Arts University they asked us to paint with acrylic, pastel, crayons, oil, watercolours... There they taught us to make all the paints from the same pigment. It was a practical matter. Then I've continued for pure pleasure, I love doing them. Creating colours is amazing!

LFS: What is your favourite thing to paint/sketch?

Timone: I love painting clouds, I live in a desert area and seeing a cloud is a promise of water, rain, and life. You could look at the sky for 3 lifetimes and you would never find 2 identical clouds. They allow an infinite range of shapes and colors. On the other hand, another of the most rewarding elements to paint are plants, compositionally you can adapt them to any format and they are always beautiful.

Timone was such a special character to meet! I really loved speaking with her and listening to her world open up, almost like a sunrise bleeding its colours on the clouds the more it transforms into day. Timone Art was a bit of a mystery to me, I would not lie. Her website did not say much about her and her work focuses on those natural elements, in their own natural ways. I am more than happy that I took the time to speak more with her. A true artist and a pleasure <3

The more I learn about making and crafting your own paints, the more respect I have for such artists. I understand that passion of creating something from scratch and using it as such an essential part of your being. Almost indescribable in a way.

Thank you so much Timone for your time and for your creative and colourful personality!

Here are some links to Timone Art!

🛒 Etsy


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