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Welcome to the artist blog

Ello to everyone whose decided to take the time. Truly an honour!

I'm deciding to try and dwindle my social media usage as I feel a website/blog is more personal. Free from algorithms, free from this strange schedule that so many other seem to be on.

So I've made this decision to not only ease my time and energy, but my peace of mind. To hopefully get back to who I used to be. Someone who never used social media. I can honestly and comfortably say I am true to myself, who I was a decade ago. Of course, we mature, we get older, we have new experiences under our wings but there's still that child in us. According to my childhood friends I have never lost myself and that is something lovely to hear, isn't it?

But with this new blog I hope to share my every day life, my inspirations, me. To give someone out there that glimpse into how beautiful and simple things are away from the norm. Every day there are top posts, gorgeous trips, stunning art pieces.. But you have a rare bunch that shows the actual process, the inspiration. People these days do not have time to even read captions anymore, which might be the heart and soul of a piece from their favourite artist.

This is why I felt that I should do this blog and maybe work on my website more. I will admit, once my Lil' Studio received so much followers on facebook, I was engulfed and amazed by it!

However, not much people interacted with me, my posts or my questions about their lives I had, naturally curious about the people who liked my art. It made feel strange. And I talk no ill of my followers, thank you so much. But I do not wish for just numbers, I wish to share more with the people who actually like my work.

I had a Norwegian man who supported me through BuyMeACoffee one day, his comment said that he loved my work and the atmosphere I give off. Honestly, those small things are the best!

But you know, I digress.. surely, such a thing should be allowed in a blog. But I will try and keep these blogs sweet and simple. Maybe you should keep in mind though that I have ADHD. Ya those are the best artists huh :p *eye roll*

Thank you guys for everything. This was our weekend. The first weekend off from the Fine Arts Studio for summerbreak and my hubs off of work. I will miss my students, but I hope they are out there enjoying this weather as well. I hope you all are!

If you're one of those followers on Facebook I mention then you've probably already seen my random painting session at Godalen here in Stavanger. I have an easel that I have used quite a few times but noticed it's portable. So I packed she up and headed to my favourite beach in Stavanger. ☀️

I went with no plan, the best plan if you ask me.

So I started with this

I'm at this gorgeous sight but noticed I didn't have a blank canvas with me. The real intent was that I can finish some other paintings, but the day was so beautiful. So I started painting over my poinciana pods. But then I kept turning my focus:

I wanted to paint here instead.

Whatcha think? Didn't finish it, but I'm happy with it 😊

Was my first time out with the easel and it was beyond calming. I got lost truly, as some ladies came up to me to complaint how serene I looked and when speaking back to them I was literally glitching my words.

This was lovely yesterday, Friday June the 24th and today was just as nice.

The sun was not as awesome as yesterday but took the kids to swim anyway 🌊🫶

Hubs picked a lovely spot.

My daughter, my little fawn, first time 'swimming' all on her own.

I was actually surprised how much she wanted to do. She wanted to go deeper and float on her own 😅 even if the water was freezing! Good job Fifi 🦌

I was too busy in the water to sketch or paint today but it sure was a lovely day

See you next time!


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