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Faery houses of Mosvannet
Stavanger, Norway

I collect wood cuttings from the forest itself (or the neighbourhood) and paint them almost hobbit homeish for the local fae folk! They are then sealed with rain resistant paint and set back outside. My daughter also assists in where we set them out in the forest or foot paths, making it easy for hikers to see but also comfortable for our wee friends, were they do not feel intruded. We at Lil' Forest Property Management have the faeries best interest at heart!


Norwegian-made Watercolours!

Currently the studio is experimenting with natural pigments!

This is just a fun, learning project for now. But who knows, perhaps some greatness will become of it.

Regardless, it has already been a fun, fulfilling endeavour!

Excited to only continue the new magic.

Not all spells are cast in one breath. 

Do follow the blog here to read/watch the journey!


Children's book series:
Fi Fy Fo Fawn

A life long dream of mine was to create a children's book and after having my daughter that dream amplified. 

My daughters name means wild deer and whilst in the midst of new motherhood, I sketched up a chibi fawn to represent her. I first used this fawn design as a sort of quick 'baby book'. Any new thing we did, I sketched the fawn doing to record the moment!

This later progressed in me taking this character and wanting it it be the protagonist of a book. teaching kids about animals, the environment and emotions.

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