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Faeriehouses around Mosvannet, Stavanger, Norway

Take a walk around the beautiful moss lake in Stavanger and maybe you will catch a glimpse of the wee folks homes!

Within the forest trees or foot paths, making it easy for hikers to see but also comfortable for our wee friends, where they do not feel intruded. We at Lil' Forest Property Management have the faeries best interest at heart!

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Cultural Bahamian  Junkanoo Workshop!

A tradition originating in Africa, brought to British colonies through slavery.

It developed into a beautiful celebration of perseverance, freedom and cultural pride.

The lil' studio is hoping to start a workshop in the small coastal area of Stavanger. The Potcake Workshop.

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Handmade Natural Earth Paint!

More of an experiment, the lil' studio has been exploring the limits of creating paint from local sources. Seeds, flowers, berries, grass, bark, seaweed even!

It has been an honour to use what nature provides and to have amazing results! Follow the blog for more details!

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Childrens' book series

Fi Fy Fo Fawn

A life long dream was to illustrate a childrens book. Having a baby only amplifed that desire! 

It all started as a 'baby book', my daughters name means wild deer. So I doodled up a chunky lil' fawn and sketched our days and activities.

This later progressed into taking this small sweet character and creating stories to teach kids about animals, the environment and emotions.

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Salty Mango 
A different kind of clothing line

- Under construction -

Keep eyes here on the website or on our facebook for it's release date!

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